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iStock Coupon Code – 15% Discount

istock coupon code

August 2015 istock coupon codes are here! Unfortunately 30% discount is not available anymore. Save now with iStockphoto 20% OFF coupon codes when you purchase new/old credit packs. iStockphoto is one of the more popular royalty stock agency. It is the preferred choice for finding good quality stock photos for the lowest price. You can find royalty free stock photos, videos, illustrations, Flash and audio to use for your commercial projects. Signing up is easy and you can choose to purchase credits or subscribe to subscription plans. When you use the iStockphoto voucher code, you will get a special 15% discount. So sign up now to enjoy this iStockphoto promo code before it ends!
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Illustrator Tutorial: Create a CFL Light Bulb

Follow this tutorial and learn how to draw a CFL light bulb using Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is composed of three main parts, creating the spiral lamp, creating the ballast housing and creating the screw base. You will start from the basic shapes and with the help of a few tools (Pen Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Ellipse Tool, etc.), you can easily create the shapes that you need. The Clipping Mask also plays an important role in this tutorial along with some effects (Gaussian Blur, Feather, etc). So let’s begin!
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Illustrator Special Effects: Vintage Badge Background

vintage badge background

Retro and vintage logos are a hot trend these days, the Badge/Emblem Logo style is especially popular, and it’s no surprise why – they look great! ! In today’s tutorial, we’ll be learning how to create a retro badge background using Adobe Illustrator. So, let’s get started! Read the rest of this entry »

Premium Tutorial: BBQ & Grill Food


Follow this tutorial and learn how to create a barbecue text effect in adobe illustrator. For starters you will learn how to create a grill with live coals using some gradients along with some basic effects and Transparency palette. Next, using a bunch of new shapes, some simple effects and basic masking techniques you will learn how to create three letters with different styles. Finally, you will learn how to add subtle shading using a simple Drop Shadow effect and the masking techniques. Let’s get started!

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30 Inspiring Legal Vector Illustrations

Dura Lex Sed Lex goes this legal maxim which basically means “the law is harsh but it is the law.” We cannot further emphasized the need in abiding by our laws as the same is a fundamental concept in our society. These codes which govern our society exist for one purpose and that is order. Hence, we found it proper to have series of vector inspirations related to law and order, justice and law enforcement.

In the following illustrations, a combination of legal elements are compiled into one entry to remind us that after all “no one is above the law” or that “crime does not pay.” There are also vectors pertaining to judges and lawyers, victims and those persons in conflict with the law as these are the main players of our legal system.

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30 Inspiring Summer Vector Illustrations

summer vector inspiration

Feel the breeze and the summer heat with this enormous selection of summer vector inspirations! Indulge your senses with different icons that will remind of you of what it feels to be sun-kissed and the splashing sound of the sea breeze. Bring back the memories of that ultimate vacation you had plus the relaxation that goes with it!

Allow us to rekindle those fun times as we bring you 30 inspiring summer vectors for your visual consumption. These are inspirations that will surely entice you so you can look forward on your next summer escapade!

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Illustrator Special Effects #17: Hi-Tech Black Background

high tech black background

Follow this quick tip and learn how to draw a shiny abstract background. Using the basic shape tools and some gradients, you will be able to create nice looking vector backgrounds. In addition, we’ll take a look at the basics of Illustrator’s new pattern creation tools and get started using it. Let’s check out how it works! Read the rest of this entry »



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