30 Inspiring Education Vector Illustrations


The gift of education is something that is priceless and worth every time that we shall endure to achieve it. Some people regard it as a gateway to success while others regard it as the fulfillment of their dream. To be educated or schooled, is indeed something that a person should have because through this we are able to acquire a different degree of knowledge and ideals. Hence, with the great importance that we have for education we have decided to pay tribute to it by the compilation of 30 Inspiring Education Vector Illustrations. The said compilation is a combination of the different scenes we usually come across while at school or the different things we use while studying. We also have a list of unique illustrations of schools, library, study areas and many more that will surely captivate your thoughts about studying and reminiscing your days at the corridors of the academe.

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Premium Tutorial: Pizza Delivery Box

pizza box

Follow this tutorial and learn how to draw a pizza in a box using Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is composed of two main parts; creating pizza box and creating the pizza itself. We will start from some basic shapes and with a few building techniques that involve the Direct Selection Tool, the Align and the Pathfinder palette, Roughen and some simple effects. By the end of this tutorial, you will easily create the shapes that you need. Let’s begin!

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Illustrator Special Effects: Water Drops Background

water drops

In this easy to follow tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a colorful, Background covered with water drops. You will learn interesting techniques on how to use various symbolism tools, along with a very useful Mesh Tool, in order to achieve a realistic effect. So, let’s get started!

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30 Inspiring Love Vector Illustrations


February is the love month! And in celebration of this romantic season, we have decided to flood this month’s inspiration list with hearts, cupids, chocolates, dates, and many other symbols to depict this festivity! Indeed, it is only once every year where we can feel love and return the love in the grandest way we could every imagine. Besides the traditional “red color” dominance during Valentine’s, we also have a roll of pink, blue and white-colored selection of vector images for your perusal. With these variety of colors, we want to give you freedom and flexibility to learn that February also come in different other colors. A line-up of Valentine greetings is likewise featured in this entry. We have from the usual “Happy Valentine’s” greeting to “I Love You to the Moon and Back” cheezy, unique greeting. By featuring this, we want to share with you the non-traditional way of showing some love to your partner. So we hope that you will enjoy the new list of illustrations we have prepared for you this month.

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Illustrator Special Effects: Abstract Wave Lines Background

abstract wave lines background

Follow this quick tip and learn how to draw a nice abstract wave line with glow effect. You will learn interesting techniques on how to use a very useful Rectangular Grid Tool, along with the basic shape tools, the Art brush and a little dose of gradients. Then, I will show you how to create glowing light effect using the Color Dodge blending mode. So, let’s get started!

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30 Inspiring Beauty Queen Illustrations


The rave about beauty pageants and beauty queens came about last December during the Miss Universe. The said annual contest of beauties from around the world was tainted with more fun fare this time because of the announcement blunder made by the host, Steve Harvey. The latter announced the wrong winner. Up to this time, a lot has been of that incident. Hence, we have decided to join the bandwagon and have come up with 30 beauty queen inspirations. The hotch potch of images that we bring you in this entry are unique ones. They are indeed vectors of beautiful ladies we have seen in competition like the Miss Universe; setting their mark on stage clad in their swimsuits or evening gown. The glamour and fame is likewise shown here as we bring you the different side of women who aim for such price. Of course, the image of the crown and the silhouette of a queen is found here also. So, we hope that you enjoy the rest of the collection!

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Illustrator Special Effects: Cloud and Grass Background

Vector Cloud Grass Background

After studying this cloud and grass tutorial, you will learn many useful and necessary techniques that will help you to create an eye-appealing wallpaper quickly and effectively. We’ll cover on how to use shapes and gradients to achieve a simple landscape environment. Let’s get to it!

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