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Illustrator Tutorial: 4 Stylish Web 2.0 Badges

web 2.0 badges

This illustrator tutorial will touch on how to create 4 different stylish vector web 2.0 badges. We will start by learning how to create the basic sawtooth badge. From there, we will move on to produce other styles using some other filters.

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Bill Wood Map Illustrations

bill wood map illustration

Need some inspirations for map illustrations? Check out Bill Wood Illustration for some ideas.

Illustrator Tutorial: Figure Shading

figure shading tutorial

Here is a quick article on figure shading by Russell Tate. He shows us how to do it the easy way out with the least amount of effort!

Illustrator Tutorial: Realistic Curtain

realistc curtain with gradient mesh

Let’s draw a nice awesome vector red curtain in this Illustrator tutorial. This lesson assumes that you already have a basic understanding on how the gradient mesh works. We will move on to create a realistic curtain using the gradient mesh. You can use this curtain effect for your movie or theaters related theme design.
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Freebies: GoMedia Vector Pack 9

gomedia free vector

GoMedia has just released the latest vector pack. It is offering a free sample pack for download. Be sure to download it!

Classical Olympic pictiograms

classical olympic pictograms
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Illustrator Tutorial: Wooden Frame

illustrator wooden frame

On our previous wood grain tutorial, I have taught you how to create realistic vector wood texture. We will move on from there to create a wooden photo frame in this Illustrator tutorial. Have fun with creating your own custom wooden frame in Illustrator.
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