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“ My favorite tutorial is Wine Glass. It was not easy to make, but interesting. I have discovered many tricks and tips that has made it easier for me to work in Illustrator. Now I have greatly improved my skills. Thanks a lot! ”

- Olga (Russia)
Designer for microstocks

“ I happen to come across when I was working on a design project, a few months back, for which I had the idea to make diamond letters. I searched and searched until I stumbled upon this site offering a tutorial for Golden Text with Diamonds. It was a relief when I found this site as I had the idea in my head but had no idea how to get it out. So I proceeded to learn the tut and was very excited with my results. 

Even though the client did like but unfortunately the client didn't choose that diamond text submission, THANKS to your tutorial I got one step closer to sealing the job and I DID WIN THE JOB. So I really just wanna say thank you for that tutorial it really opened up my mind more about what Illustrator can do with Appearance.

Here is a link to my winning design for Scattered Treasures, of which I couldn't have done without your help. ”

- Andre Swaby (Florida, US)
Creative Designer

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