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Illustrator Tip #34: Blur Text Effect

final effect

This quick Illustrator tip will show you how to make a simple and very attractive repeatable blur effect with letters that give to your text a special echoing effect.
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Illustrator Tip #33: Opacity Mask

opacity mask

Illustrator opacity mask are great to create transparency on shapes. The idea is simple. You will have a mask that is black to white and the areas that are black will be masked out. Next you just have to apply the opacity mask to your object. Let’s see how you can use opacity mask to create soft transparency edges in this tutorial.
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Illustrator Tip #30: Sticky Post Note

sticky post note

This quick Illustrator tutorial will show you how to create a nice vector sticky post note using Illustrator. It is actually a very useful design element where you can use for magazines, brochures and even website. Add your custom message on the sticky post to get more eyeballs on your design. Let’s see how it is done in Illustrator.
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Illustrator Tip #29: Graphic Styles

graphic styles

Graphic styles in Illustrator help you apply appearance effects on any objects. You can create a graphics style and apply it to multiple objects. This helps you to work faster in Illustrator and save time on creating the same effects. Let’s find out how to create your own custom graphic styles in Illustrator!
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Illustrator Tip #28: Draw a Realistic Vector Fire

realistic vector fire

Want to learn how to create a realistic vector fire in Illustrator? This tip will blow you off by showing you how simple it is to make a cool burning fire using Blends. With this tip, you can create your vector fire and bring it into Photoshop to make it even more realistic by using the Smudge tool. So let’s get started on drawing the vector fire.

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Illustrator Tip #27: Draw a Laurel Wreath Vector

laurel wreath

This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful vector laurel wreath easily in Adobe Illustrator using the Illustrator brush. You will learn techniques on using Transform tool to give it a unique and random touch to the leaves. So let’s get started.

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Illustrator Tip #26: Gradients in Illustrator

Gradients are the most basic tool to create realistic colors and objects in Illustrator. This quick Illustrator tips will cover all the little things you need to know to master the gradient tool. Let’s find out what you can do with gradient tool.

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