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iStock Coupon Code 2022 – 15% OFF


istock coupon code 2022

Get discounts on stock images with our latest iStock coupon code your next stock photo purchase.

Images are very important to communicate and help bring the message to readers both on web and print. iStock by Getty Images hits the balance for many designers by providing premium images at a non-premium price.

6 Best Easels for Painting in 2022


best easels for painting

So you’ve got the perfect paints, the greatest brushes, and endless canvases – all you need now is the best easel, and you’re ready to paint your first masterpiece!

A dependable easel may be a vital piece of studio equipment whether you’re working in a studio area, a spare room, or the kitchen. A good easel may improve your posture while also providing you with a dedicated painting area. You won’t have to clear the dining table before you start painting!

20 Best Pixel Art in 2022


20 best pixel art in 2022

Pixel art is a style of digital art that dates back to the early days of computer graphics, when there were only a few pixels on-screen you can tell by the rough and blocky look.

Nostalgia from those growing up in the 80s and 90s has made pixel art popular again. We can see some pixel art artists bringing pixel art back to life in new and exciting ways.

We’ve gathered some of the best pixel art available below on web to bring back some of your old memories of video games in the 80s.

How to Draw a Dog in 10 Ways

how to draw a dog
(Credit:Jon Harris)

If you enjoy drawing and want to master the art of drawing a dog, you’ll need a lot of practice. Whether you’re a novice, just getting started or an experienced artist seeking new techniques, our list of ‘how to draw a dog’ tutorials will definitely help you.

Filmora Video Editor Review 2022


filmora video editor review featured image

Filmora from Wondershare includes the typical trimming, transitions, and overlays, as well as the effects that we’ve come to expect from enthusiast-level video editing software.

Filmora can get the job done, and its interface is simple and pleasant to use, but it lacks some of the fine control that competitors provide.

CommerceHQ Discount for 2022


commercehq discount promotion

What is CommerceHQ?

CommerceHQ is an online ecommerce platform for owners looking to sell online and increase their revenue. If you are struggling to find a fast, simple and effective way to build you store, then CommerceHQ is the solution for you. You can design a professional store with the easy to use drag and drop visual builder to customize your store to fit the look and feel of your brand.

10 Best Old English Fonts


best old english fonts featured image

Despite their name, Old English fonts aren’t particularly English. In fact, what is known as ‘Old English’ writing was employed not only in England but also in France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands between the 12th and 17th centuries for a variety of complicated reasons. As a result, these typefaces are often known as Gothic fonts or Blackletter fonts.

We scoured the web and are delighted to present to you the best collection of old English fonts to transport you back to the era of handwritten scripts. This collection has everything you’ll need for your design projects, including vintage script fonts, blackletter fonts, gothic calligraphy fonts, and much more.

Canvas Painting for Beginners: How To Get Started?



The archetypal artist’s support is canvas (the technical term for what you paint on). It has several advantages over paper, not least the fact that it is considerably more robust, guaranteeing that your work lasts for years, so it’s worth taking the time to learn how to paint on canvas.

These 13 beginner canvas painting tutorials will teach you everything you need to know, from what supplies you’ll need to how to prepare your painting surface and which techniques to try.

9 Best Dragon Drawing Tutorials


best dragon drawing tutorials dragon drawings featured image

For years, dragons have captivated our imaginations, but have you ever attempted to sketch one? Whether you want to make a terrifying fire-breathing monster or something a little more soft and friendly, we’ll show you how to make your own dragon drawings in ten different methods.

How to Make and Sell NFTs?


how to make and sell nfts

NFTs are the newest blockchain-related must-have item, competing with bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before approaching an NFT marketplace and handing over your hard-earned ether.

We’ll show you how to make an NFT, and how to sell NFT art in the sections below.

10 Best Laptop for Graphic Design 2022


best laptop graphic design featured image

With so many brands available on the market claiming to be the best laptop there is, there is no shortage for graphic design artists out there.

Graphic design is a serious profession that necessitates the use of high-quality hardware and software.

Fortunately, laptop companies manufacture products for a variety of categories and professions. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best graphic design laptops on the market in 2022.