30 best cute fonts

30 Best Cute Fonts

30 best cute fonts

Talking about cute font styles that can add playful and fun look to your designs, here is the best list of top 30 cute fonts to check out:

1. PaperCute

Paper Cute

PaperCute is a simple and cute font style that offers an easy to read letterforms inspired by simple paper cutting. The uppercase and lowercase letters differ from each other with beautiful collection of ornaments, alternate glyphs and many other cool features.

Download PaperCute

2. Budmo Jiggler

Budmo Jiggler

Budmo Jiggler is a beautiful font family that offers a shimmering and shining approach, designed by Ray Larabie. It has 5 weights available, consisting of Budmo Jiggler, Budmo Bulbs, Budmo Jigglish, Budmo Honk and Budmo Solid. This font has a very interesting character with lots of cute and stunning details.

Download Budmo Jiggler

3. Jandles


Jandles is a semi cursive font style that looks corkscrewed into beautiful pieces. The letterform combinations looks very playful to the eyes with its curls and curves. The small caps consist of semi-vine like letters that looks really cute, designed by Ray Larabie.

Download Jandles

4. Girltalk


Girltalk is a feminine and pretty type of font style, perfectly designed for teen market and inspired from school girl’s handwriting. This curly and bubbly font is designed by Merle Scholtz to accommodate the need of youngsters for different occasions.

Download Girltalk

5. Hamburger Font BF

Hamburger Font BF

Hamburger Font BF is naturally bubbly and delicious looking font style inspired from food restaurant logo way back in time. This font is designed by John Bomparte to relive the ideal font for food chains, it looks heavy, bold and delightful at the same time.

Download Hamburger Font BF

6. Mona Font


Mona Font is a font style created with love as an inspiration, designed by Jakob Fischer dedicated for his girlfriend. This font looks very adorable, funky and funny at the same time, packed with other cool features and interesting characters.

Download Mona Font

7. Duality


Duality is a classic and simple font style with a rugged approach inspired from fractions, math symbols and numeric ordinals, another masterpiece of font designer Ray Larabie. This font is well enhanced with 2 other font weights, namely Duality Sand and Duality Steel.

Download Duality

8. HVD Comic Serif Pro

HVD Comic Serif Pro

HVD Comic Serif Pro is a lot similar to the famous Comic Sans font but we can easily distinguish the difference of the two fonts by the serif extension of HVD Comic Serif Pro. This font is designed by Hannes von Dohren to create an alternative font for Comic Sans.

Download HVD Comic Serif Pro

9. Infantometric Pro

Infantometric Pro

Infatometric Pro is a beautiful and very stylish unicase font with a charming and naïve approach, designed by Roger S. Nelsson. Its playful mixture contains very interesting characters with lots of advanced features and cool letterform collection.

Download Infatometric Pro

10. Roller Baby BV

Roller Baby BV

Roller Baby BV is puffy and curvaceous font style packed with lots of cool and advanced features, another piece of art by Jess Latham. This font is bound with uniqueness and interesting letterforms, the unicase feature makes it look even cooler and artistic at the same time.

Download Roller Baby BV

11. The Only Exception

the only exception

The Only Exception is a neat and clean font style with lots of curves and cute letterform details. This font is designed by Kimberly Geswein, inspired from her own sister’s handwriting. The neatness in every curve of each letter is one great advantage of this font.

Download The Only Exception

12. Hand Scribble Sketch Rock

Hand Scribble Sketch Rock

Hand Scribble Sketch Rock is a funky and stylish font style that offers a playful and rugged approach. It has different font weights, including rock light and rock bold, designed by Manuel Viergutz. If you want a simple font that rocks, Hand Scribble Sketch Rock is definitely a font to check out.

Download Hand Scribble Sketch Rock

13. Kermel


Kermel is a beautiful handwriting font that looks semi-puffy and cute at the same time, designed by Ewen Prigent. This font has a nice simple strokes, similar to Comic Sans but it has many other cool features to offer, perfect for logos, titles, short text and others.

Download Kermel

14. Sparhawk


Sparhawk is naturally cute and stylish font, focus in giving you an instant 3D layer on your designs. This font is designed by Jay Hilgert with lots of features to offer, including beautiful swashes, numerous layer styles, stylistic alternates and many more other features.

Download Sparhawk



Zigzag is a very attractive and curvy font style, it is inspired from handwriting with a combination of geometric drawing. This font offers numerous variations and glyphs with contextual variables and has 2 different styles. You can choose between rounded or not rounded styles, designed by Benoit Bodhuin.

Download Zigzag

16. Embryo Tiny

Embryo Tiny

Embryo Tiny is a very eye-catching font style that offers extended characters, perfect for small size screens, it could stunningly fit as font for logos, flyers and posters. This font is also usually used for children’s books, designed by Hannes von Dohren.

Download Embryo Tiny

17. Sweetpea


Sweetpea is a simple and stylish font style bound with tons of beautiful features to offer. It has contextual alternates, beautiful ligatures, fractions, swashes, ordinals and with stylistic variations. Sweetpea offers more than 600 glyphs with Greek symbols, arrows, numerals and more, designed by Andrew Harper.

Download Sweetpea

18. Left Hook

Left Hook

Left Hook is a fabulous and elegant font style that offers retro and vintage look, designed by Jess Latham. This font is semi bold and condensed with full extended character, it has handmade details that looks fun and playful at the same time.

Download Left Hook

19. Pupcat


Pupcat is a beautiful and fun-looking font style that looks really cute, another masterpiece font by designer Ray Larabie. This font has many font weights available, including light, light italic, bold, bold italic and many more. Pupcat also has a beautiful alternates available for A, E and R letters.

Download Pupcat

20. Yummo


Yummo is a simple condensed font style and it looks very neat as well with very interesting letterforms, designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. This font family is widely used for many applications, as it offers contemporary and modern impressions.

Download Yummo

21. GhostKid AOE™

GhostKid AOE

GhostKid AOE is bold, thick and stylish font style inspired from comic fonts, designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky. This font is perfect for any types of designs, with this font’s classic and cute character, it will surely give your layout a smashing look.

Download GhostKid AOE

22. Tokig Px

Tokig Px

Tokig Px is fun-looking and legible font style that has an interesting letterforms, designed by Kemie Guaida. The uppercase and lowercase has its own cute details with beautiful curves, rounded edges and other bubbly features to offer.

Download Tokig Px

23. Polynesian Tourist AOE

Polynesian Tourist AOE

Polynesian Tourist AOE is a beautiful font style inspired from Disneyana that offers lots of modern feature. This font is designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky with a simple mind set, to create bouncing letterforms combined with intense and super cute characters.

Download Polynesian Tourist AOE

24. KG skinny Latte

KG skinny latte

KG Skinny Latte is a neat and stunning font with a beautiful bubbly personality, designed by Kimberly Geswein. From its name skinny, this font is slightly tall and skinny that looks cool and cute unicase that has many beautiful curves and details.

Download KG Skinny Latte

25. Jabberwub


Jabberwub is a very eye-catching font style focus in giving spontaneous and animated approach, designed by James Arboghast. This font looks fun and playful with lots of whacky lines and bouncy characters. It has 270 glyphs available with beautiful alternates, ligatures and other features.

Download Jabberwub

26. Fimfarum


Fimfarum is a stylish font inspired from random handwriting with a playful approach. This font looks very bold, wild and narrow that can perfectly gain attention with its all-in-one professional characters, beautiful ligatures and alternates, designed by Juraj Christina

Download Fimfarum

27. Gubblebum


Gubblebum is a stylish and super cute font style with a bubbly and happy font look. This font family consist of 4 delicious flavors, namely Regular, Black, Blocky and Black ‘n Blocky. It has many great features with beautiful combination of upper and lowercase letterforms, designed by Tjarda Koster.

Download Gubblebum

28. Brixton FY

Brixton FY

Brixton Fy is a friendly and curvy font style inspired from beautiful handwriting. It has 2 weights to offer with alternates, dingbats, ornaments and frames. It has over 1200 glyphs available, 24 ligatures and many more other features. This font is from the collaborative efforts of Gia Tran, Julien Priez and Benjamin Lieb.

Download Brixton Fy

29. Hedgehog Hans

Hedgehog Hans

Hedgehog Hans is nice looking font, famous since 19th century as a font style for children’s books. This font is inspired from Grimm Brothers’ book collection which is also one of the oldest fonts used for fairytale books. It looks simple but cute, redesigned and enhanced by David Kerkhoff.

Download Hedgehog Hans

30. Mademoiselle


Mademoiselle is an elegant and purely unique font style with cute and sweet approach. This font is a Tuscan type font style that offers great variations of upper and lower case with beautiful center cut details, designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa.

Download Mademoiselle

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