Premium Tutorial: 3D Golden Text Effect

Learn how to create an 3d golden text effect in this premium illustrator tutorial. See how to create text using 3D extrude and the techniques to clean up the broken shapes. The final steps will teach you how to create glows and highlights for the 3D text. This will be a great tutorial for beginners to create professional 3D text effects in Adobe illustrator!

8 thoughts on “Premium Tutorial: 3D Golden Text Effect”

  1. You have a problem with the tutorial download. Non-members can download it too. send me a mail and I’ll explain to you.

  2. Geoffrey Trebilco

    I am having trouble with steps 11-16. My resultant bottom shadows sit over the top of part of the letter shapes. Trying to bring the orignal parts of the letteres to the top does not work. What am I missing?

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