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Hi! I am a User Experience Designer by profession. My work experience spans from print media, advertising media, e-learning to web usability. Designing in Illustrator for me is fun and it gives me freedom to illustrate subjects of my choice! My website:

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Illustrator Tutorial: Cozy Wooden House

cozy wooden house

In this tutorial, we will create a cozy looking wooden house surrounded by greenery and bright yellow wild flowers.

We will build the house step by step using basic drawing tools and simple techniques. Then we will create the background with the bright blue sky, the meadow and the conifer trees. In the end, we will enhance the surroundings by creating the grass patches and bright yellow wildflowers.

So let’s start building our house!
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Illustrator Tutorial: Holland Tulip Field

holland tulip field

This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful Holland  landscape filled full of colorful tulips and a traditional Dutch windmill. We will start by creating a red tulip flower with the Gradient Mesh tool and then make yellow and purple color variations of the tulips. Then we will create the windmill using simple gradients and solid fills and finally we will arrange all the elements to complete our landscape. I have included steps that are crucial to get the desired look assuming that the user is familiar with basic Illustrator drawing and coloring tools. So let’s start creating!
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