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Dinesh Kumar

Hi I am Dinesh I am working as a graphic designer, with an experience of more than 5 years. Creating realistic illustration is my style and I love doing it.

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Premium Tutorial: Gradient Mesh Car

gradient mesh car

I am writing this advanced car tutorial for intermediate illustrator users who want to attain an expert level. In this tutorial, I will reveal lots of secret tricks on gradient on how to draw objects with photorealism in Illustrator. This is a great car tutorial not to be missed!
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Premium Tutorial: Photorealistic Watch

photorealistic watch

Learn how to create an amazing photorealistic watch in this new premium tutorial. This tutorial is written for intermediate illustrator users to attain an expert level in illustration. In this tutorial, you will get an indepth knowledge about creating objects with photorealism.

Let’s see how to create a photorealistic watch in this tutorial.
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Premium Tutorial: Draw a Banana

draw a banana

In this tutorial, you will learn lots about drawing a realistic looking banana. I will explain to you step by step on how to achieve this photo realistic effect using advanced gradient mesh techniques. You will begin by drawing the mesh of the banana and learn how to adjust and fill the mesh points to achieve this look.

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