Illustrator Tutorial: Circus Tent

This is a short tutorial to teach you the basics of using warp effects to create a nice vector circus tent. You will learn all the features of using warp effect and how it can simplify your work and help you draw faster. A Illustrator tutorial suitable for beginners.

circus tent

1. Start by turning on the grid. Go to View > Show Grid. After that we need to turn on snap to grid so that it is easier to draw shapes on the grid. Go to View > Snap to Grid. Now select the pen tool and draw basic triangles as show above. Fill in alternative colors for it.

circus tent

2. Now select all the shapes and group it (Ctrl/Cmd + G). Go to Effect > Warp > Shell Lower and select 20% for bend.

circus tent

3. Now select the rectangle tool and draw the following rectangle shapes. Fill it with alternative colors and black for the entrance. Send it under the tent cover to hide the top.

circus tent

4. Now select all the body of the tent and group it. Go to Effect > Warp > Arc Lower to make the bottom curve. Select a bend of around 30%.

circus tent

5. Finally, draw a small triangle at the top and apply the Wave effect. Go to Effect > Warp > Wave. Set the bend to 40%. That’s it. You have just created a nice waving flag.

circus tent

6. Here’s the final effect. You can adjust the colors to fit the mood you want.

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