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What is Autodesk?

Autodesk is an American software corporation founded by John Walker in early 80’s. It is the creator of today’s famous software used for wide applications in different fields like engineering, architecture, construction, manufacturing and even in the fields of entertainment and services. Autodesk lets 3D design become easier and more detailed with the help of their software. It is today’s leader and solutions to all types of industries when it comes to creating designs.

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Products by Industry:

  • Construction
  • Film and Television
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Roads and Highways

Benefits of using Autodesk’s products

  • Timesaver – Easily create your perspective layout in 3D or 2D designs with Autodesk, less effort with more output in short period of time.
  • Cost Effective – Purchasing products of Autodesk can be expensive for some but with everything it can do, it lessens cost of other materials in designing.
  • Increase Accuracy – with the design software it lets you create a more precise and accurate measurements needed for your designs with less hassle in computing actual measurements.
  • More Output – with the tools and much improved features of Autodesk, it gives you the edge to do more work with high percentage of finishing it with perfections.
  • Easy Revision – easily edit or revise your design without losing all the foundations you made, with help of Autodesk, revisions are made even easier and more efficient
  • Print all you can – easily print high quality hard copies from all your designs and reproduce all the designs you made in as many as you want.

As what is mentioned above, Autodesk has many products under its name and a most of it are widely used by huge companies today. One of the few most used products are listed below. Let’s take a tour about these software and what it does.

Autocad LT 2015

  • Autocad is one of the first software launched by Autodesk in 1982 and since then it has been widely used as design and drafting software by different industries. As the need for more features arises, Autocad evolved with more features and tools. Autodesk introduced Autocad LT and its latest 2015 version called Autocad LT 2015.

Features of Autocad LT 2015:

  • Refined and modern interface
  • New and improved features
  • Precise design details
  • Mobile Autocad solutions
  • Connect software workflow to other desktop
  • Ribbon gallery feature
  • Command preview
  • Design feed on an intranet
  • Capture online maps
  • Professional documentation tools
  • TrustedDWG technology

3ds Max 2015

  • 3DS Max 2015 is the latest 3D modeling, rendering, simulation and animation software usually used for films and games to enhance motion graphics. This software is the future of motion graphics that helps in delivering high resolution graphics with less effort.

Features of 3DS Max 2015:

  • Populate enhancements by creating more convincing crowd
  • Create real-life human motion
  • Create beautiful and believable characters with rigging tools
  • Maximize keyframe and procedural tools
  • Simulate fluidic effects to enhance life in characters
  • Create models from Point Cloud Data
  • Advanced ShaderFX feature
  • Easy placement tool feature
  • Create and enhance parametric and organic objects
  • Advanced texturing toolset
  • Edit and design shading hierarchies

Maya LT 2015

  • Maya is 3D creation and digital animation software that helps you create a more complex animation graphics. It helps in building characters, effects and real-life 3D motions.

Features of Maya LT 2015

  • Bifrost procedural effects platform
  • XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
  • Create realistic rigid and soft body
  • Create hair and curve-based dynamics with Maya nHair
  • Simulate complex 3D visual effects with Maya nParticles
  • Create realistic deformable materials with Maya nCloth
  • Maya fluid effects
  • Create realistic fur, hair, wool and glass
  • Keyframe, procedural and scripted animation tools
  • Resuable animation
  • Camera sequencer
  • Streamlined retopology toolset
  • Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling
  • Better UV toolset
  • ShaderFX feature
  • Preofesional camera tracking
  • HDR-capable compositor with Maya Composite

Revit LT Suite 2015

  • Revit is a software specifically created for building and constructions. This is usually used by professionals in the field of architecture and engineering to easily show off their brilliant ideas with more details and consistent model-based approach.

Features of Revit Suite 2015:

  • Enhanced structural analytical model
  • Energy analysis using building element
  • Manage the structural analytical model
  • Support sustainable design decision making
  • Perform static analysis from the cloud
  • Capable of IFC Linking
  • Interference Check feature
  • Can handle multi-users and save work to one central file
  • Enchanced Revit Server
  • Vault Integration feature
  • Autodesk 360 integration
  • Bidirectional links with multiple packages analysis
  • Trim/Extend Multiple Elements
  • Parameter order can be specified
  • Can add reinforcement to concrete parts
  • Can create free form models
  • Can access electrical content
  • Enhanced MEP systems
  • Multiple materials modeling
  • Easy revision and improvement
  • Cloud-based rendering

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