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Whether you are new to art or a certified art lover, you would surely agree that there’s something about art that makes people keep drawn to it. For art enthusiasts, venturing to start on an art collection may seem like an expensive hobby. Fortunately, there is an online site where you can get the art piece you’ve been looking for all this time at just a fraction of a price! More popularly known as, the site features art works that have the personal touch yet a world-class appeal as every masterpiece is guaranteed to be recreated and hand painted in ways that would match anybody’s moods and style.

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It all started back in 2002 when newly married Stacy and David Sasson decided to finance a start-up business after being granted with a loan worth $5000 from Wichita Bank. Being the proprietor and the employees as well, the couple has managed to operate their business right within the premises of their house situated in the suburbs of Kansas. Launching with a modest art collection made up of just a handful of oil paintings that are yet to be framed, the new art hub has evolved into being one of the most favorite sites when it comes to authentic hand painted canvas art.

Shopping Made Easy

Don’t know what you want? Let overstockArt make it easy and simple for you. Now bigger and better, overstockArt has devised a special labeling system that would enable customers to find the exact art piece that they want. Customers can choose from various ‘Shop by’ titles in areas such as Artist, Subject, Style, Room, Size, and Color. If you’re the type who always go for the best selling items, overstockArt has got that covered as well with their ‘Shop Best Sellers’ category. When you think you need more choices other than the ones already mentioned, you can definitely go to other areas dubbed as New Arrivals, Hot Deals, Closeout Art, Special Order, Gift Center, Hotel Art, Restaurant Art, and Business Art. Whatever art piece you have in mind, overstockArt promises to keep you company every step of the way.

Turn Every Photo into a Masterpiece

If you choose an oil painting other than the ones offered in the site or you have a personal photo that you’d like to be turned into an oil painted remake, overstockArt can easily replicate it for you. Filled with a large pool of talented and dedicated artists, overtockArt will always have an artist commissioned to work on your painting. What you get is an art work that is authentically personalized and hand recreated, a truly unique acquisition that you can keep and feel proud of in your lifetime.

Breaking the Old Adage and Dreating New Wave

In the past, only those belonging in the affluent high society can afford to get any art masterpieces made by world-renowned artists. changed that notion by becoming the favorite online destination for art lovers that seek hand painted art made by great art masters instead of going to galleries where art works are placed with high price tags. With several price packages to choose from, enjoying a gallery-inspired art is just one click of the mouse away.

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