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9 Best Dragon Drawing Tutorials

For years, dragons have captivated our imaginations, but have you ever attempted to sketch one? Whether you want to make a terrifying fire-breathing monster or something a little more soft and friendly, we’ll show you how to make your own dragon drawings in ten different methods.

1. How to Draw a Dragon by Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is one of the easiest-to-follow tutorials on YouTube. And though the show is primarily targeted for children, even older kids and adults learning how to draw a dragon will find this channel really comprehensive.

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2. How to Draw a Chinese Dragon

10 best dragon drawing tutorials how to draw a chinese dragon

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This easy tutorial will teach you how to draw a Chinese dragon, which is a snake-like creature with four legs and a lion-like head. Step-by-step textual directions with drawings, as well as an instructional how-to video, are included in the drawing guide.

3. Flying Dragon Tutorial

This tutorial by QWE Art only requires an Artline pencil and a Double-A paper and is a good transition from a stationary dragon to a flying one.

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4. How to Draw a Dragon Head

Mark Crilley has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, and for good reason. He has a real casual, friendly way of guiding viewers that he makes drawing a detailed dragon head look easy.

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5. Fire Dragon Tutorial

Praful Art show how to draw an easy fire drawing in this 5-minute video. The artist uses an HB pencil and A4 printer paper and in less than 5 minutes comes up with a fiery deagon. This is one of the easiest tutorials around.

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6. How to Draw a Dragon of Ice

Rio Art Club’s tutorial is non-narrated but you can easily follow through this tutorial with ease. The artist uses Faber Castell color pencils on this one — deep blue, sky blue, and black.

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7. How to Draw a Dragon Head 2

This is another great example of a dragon head tutorial by Attraction Art Spot. The artist uses an HB grade pencil and a regular A4 paper. You can use any kind of pencil for this tutorial.

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8. Mixed Media Dragon Tutorial

This masterpiece that Christopher Lovell calls a “sketch” is a mixture of markers, pencils, and some acrylic washes and highlights. While it’s not the easiest to follow from the list, we decided to include for the work of art itself.

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9. How to Draw a Flying Dragon 2

10 best dragon drawing tutorials how to draw a flying dragon

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This European-style dragon has the scaly body, bat-like wings, and a blaze of flaming breath that the word “dragon” conjures up. The beast is broken down into simple steps in this video tutorial. If you need to go back to a previous step, use the menu to the right of the video screen.

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