Vector Freebies: 12 Floral Borders & Dividers

illustrator swirl brushes

In this new freebie, AiFactory has created a beautiful set of 12 floral borders and dividers. You can use it as a illustrator brush to decorate your design with collection of wonderful borders. It is also a good collection for your wedding card design.

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Download is only available for registered members. So join now and download this great vector freebie!

Items: floral, ornaments, leaves, petals, flowers, divider
Vector License: Free for personal and commercial projects
File: EPS

Download Source File

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About The Author: AiFactory

AiFactory is design and illustration workshop of . Beside being just a store AiFactory runs a designer community attached to it , Members are regularly provided free contents , special discounts and freebies on regular basis alongside an opportunity to interact with like minded designers. Contents include vector packs , illustrations , clip arts , vector and photo shop brushes and more! Check it out yourself!

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  1. Gravtar for Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor June 9th

    Great selection, thanks for sharing!

  2. Gravtar for Sonddra
    Sonddra August 24th

    These are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Gravtar for job
    job September 26th

    nice borders

  4. Gravtar for Dawn
    Dawn November 3rd

    how can you call it a freebie if it costs to join the site?

  5. Gravtar for Katherine Buneta
    Katherine Buneta November 22nd

    i’m confused. i thought i could use this file as a brush… am i missing something? when i open the file, it’s just a jpg showing all the brushes… can anyone give me some insite?

  6. Gravtar for Katherine Buneta
    Katherine Buneta November 22nd

    or insight. ha.

  7. Gravtar for jonnyknoxville
    jonnyknoxville November 24th

    thx man 🙂

  8. Gravtar for MichaelV
    MichaelV January 2nd

    Thanks for giving these to us. They will be added to my swipe file of ‘handy things for later’. Very much appreciated.

  9. Gravtar for wipa
    wipa February 18th

    hola, estan muy bien solo k me abren muy chicos de resolucion 🙁

  10. Gravtar for Tipu
    Tipu April 14th

    wow fine post

  11. Gravtar for Al Kurowski
    Al Kurowski August 26th

    What a great blog post, how can I make is so that I get an update sent in an email when there is a fresh article?

  12. Gravtar for job pack 3 resumes
    job pack 3 resumes February 8th

    Actually, we do take that into consideration when doing tallies for user population. My original reply still stands.

    job pack 3 resumes

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    logo February 9th

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  14. Gravtar for aici
    aici February 9th

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  15. Gravtar for Ali Spagnolia
    Ali Spagnolia March 1st

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  16. Gravtar for aici
    aici March 5th

    Nope. GM focus on restorations has had absolutely no detrimental effect on Production’s communication with the developers.aici

  17. Gravtar for ululf01
    ululf01 March 5th

    thank you 🙂