Vector Freebies: Tropical Forest Background

tropical forest background

Looking for a great tropical forest background picture? Look no further, Jessica from Vector Jungle has created this exclusive free forest background for Vector Diary. It makes a great wallpaper or background art for your adventure design. Still not enough? Visit Vector Jungle for more great jungle vector art.

Items: jungle plant, wild flowers, forest trees, jungle leaves
Vector License: Free for personal and commercial projects
File: EPS

Download Source File

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About The Author: jessica

VectorJungle is a fast growing, gallery of free royalty-free vector graphics, images, art, illustrations, widgets, icons, and backgrounds featuring vectors of various styles.

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  1. Gravtar for Kizzie Len Chua
    Kizzie Len Chua September 1st

    …its so nice i feel that i am in this so beautiful forest…

  2. Gravtar for MichaelV
    MichaelV January 2nd

    Nice work Jessica. I’m afraid it will be sometime before I can even attempt to try this sort of thing. Hopefully one day though.

  3. Gravtar for ululf01
    ululf01 March 5th

    Woow GReat post 🙂 thank you !!

  4. Gravtar for Tolionsislige
    Tolionsislige May 7th

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