Illustrator Tip #24: Create a Custom Pattern Brush

Learn how to draw custom pattern brush easily in Adobe Illustrator. This tip will show you how to make pattern brushes and borders easily using the Brush pattern tool. This pattern brush technique can help you create nice photo frames in Illustrator. Enjoy!

1. Let’s start by drawing 3 squares and fill it will different colors and patterns. You might want to turn on grid to make it easily to draw the square aligning side by side.

decorative pattern border

2. Select the 3 shapes and drag them to your Brushes Palette as shown. A New Brush window will pop up. Select “New Pattern Brush” and click Ok. Now draw a rectangle and select our new pattern to tile it with the new pattern. You will notice the corner pattern is missing. Let’s fix that in our next step.

decorative pattern border

3. Select the green square and hold Alt/Option and drag it to the first box to set it as the corner shape.

decorative pattern border

That’s all. Our decorative pattern border is completed! Hope you have fun making your own custom pattern brush.

decorative pattern border

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