13 Amazing Gradient Mesh Tutorials

Gradient Mesh Tool can be quite daunting to beginners. But once you have mastered the basics, you can start drawing realistic objects in Illustrator. I have compiled a list of helpful gradient mesh tutorials to help you get started with gradient mesh.

Red Pepper

A neat tutorial with tips on creating a red bell pepper in this 12 page pdf using gradient mesh.

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Leaf Tutorial

Basic tutorial on creating a leaf using gradient mesh.

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Sweet Cherries

Realistic cherries created using gradient mesh.

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Realistic Curtain

A useful trick for drawing realistic curtain folds using gradient mesh.

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Drawing a fish illustration using gradient mesh by the Adobe Team.

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Vector Portrait

A mini tutorial on drawing a vector portrait from a photography model.

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Gradient Mesh

Leo Blanchette has a very detailed tutorial on making a crayon using gradient mesh. He shows us the steps to turn a photo into a realistic gradient mesh crayon. Great for beginners!

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Maple Leaf Illustration

Learn to create a maple leaf using gradient mesh and clipping mask.

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Basic Rendering with Gradients

Master Kevin Hulsey is an expert in automotive and industrial cutaway illustration. He has a list of very useful tutorials for students in his website. He has also included a short tutorial on working with gradient mesh and gradients to create photorealistic drawings.

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Photorealistic Veggie Drawing

Veerle has a very quick tutorial on create a simple veggie illustration using gradient mesh tool.

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Step by step instructions and screenshots to create a realistic thumbdrive using gradient mesh.

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Car Ring

WForrest provides some really useful tips and tricks on using gradient mesh. He shows us different methods of using gradient mesh to create the rings of a car.

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Step by Step Illustration of Angel

Step by step screenshots by Ussa Methawittayakul how she created the Angel Illustration.

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  1. Gravtar for den
    den November 6th best Vector Gradient Mesh

  2. Gravtar for sundar
    sundar January 17th

    impresive design

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    Biju Subhash February 6th

    Verry Nice….:D
    and a cool web interface…

    Biju Subhash

  4. Gravtar for Sunday
    Sunday June 16th

    Here’s another great gradient mesh tutorial:

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    Mohd Saqib October 22nd

    very nice collection of gradient mesh tuts.

    would like to follow few ones 🙂
    Thanks for share..

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    Narnia June 28th

    Most of those links don’t work anymore.

  7. Gravtar for Rox
    Rox March 11th

    Nice collection. But broken links and no more proof to prove it is vector. However nice post. 🙂

  8. Gravtar for ab
    ab February 22nd

    The “Angel” tut should be removed. It does not have any instructions and the screen shots do not show any thing helpful (ie the mesh grid). It is a beautiful piece, just not very helpful.