Illustrator Tutorial: Bling Bling Text Effect

I’ll be teaching you how to create this eye catching bling bling effect in illustrator. You will learn how to create the texture and apply it to any text. So let’s get started…

1. Drawing the Bling Bling Pattern

First, you will need to turn on the grid by pressing Ctrl/Command+’. Also make sure to turn on View>Snap to Grid. This will enable you to snap your graphics to the grid. Let’s start by drawing a triangle using the Pen Tool. Next, apply a gradient from light pink to dark pink. Draw another triangle beside it in facing down. Apply a white gradient to it.

Select both triangles and hold Alt/Option and drag a copy beside it. Press Ctrl/Command+D to automate duplicate more copies until you have a row. Select the whole row and drag a copy down and move it slight to the right as shown.

Select both rows and drag more copies down until you formed a pattern. Using the rectangle tool, draw a square that will determine the area of repetition for the pattern. Make sure the top and bottom will tile properly. Sane goes for both the left and right sides. Randomly select some of the triangles and change the tint to give more variety to the pattern.

Once the pattern is done, select the square and set the Stroke to none. Press Ctrl/Command+shift+[ to send it to the bottom layer. This will determine the repeat area when you create your pattern swatch. Select all the shapes and resize it smaller by pressing Shift. Open up your swatches and drag your pattern to the swatches. Your pattern is now created.

2. Applying the Texture to Text

Type out your text and adjust the kerning to increase the spacing between the letters. Next, fill the text with the glitter pattern.

Open up your Appearance window and click the options at the right corner of the palette. Select Add New Fill to it. Go Effect>Path>Offset Path and offset it by 5px.

Drag the new fill to the bottom so that it sits below the pattern fill. Change the Filll to a gradient as shown. This will create the highlight for the text edge.

3. Adding Special Effects

Select the text and go Stylize>Outer Glow. Use the settings above. to create a glow around the Pinky text.

Next, draw a big rectangle over the Pinky text and create a gradient as shown above. Go to Transparency Palette and change the mode to overlay. Reduce the Opacity to 45.

This is the final effect with the overlay..

We will continue to add glitter to the text. Using your Star Tool, click and drag to draw a star on the canvas. Without releasing the mouse, click the Down Key to reduce the star to 4 corners. Hold Ctrl/Command as you drag to adjust the star radius to get a thin glitter star. Apply a radial gradient to it as shown above. Finally, set the glitter to screen mode from the Transparency Palette.

Drag the glitter on the Pinky text to create the sparkling effect. Duplicate more glitter to create our final effect. Hope the girls like this. Let me know what you think…

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