Illustrator Tutorial: Starry night

illustrator star tutorial

Learn to draw stars in Adobe Illustrator. I will be showing you the quickest way to create fast random stars using Transform Each Illustrator effect. You will be able to achieve great looking stars background in this Illustrator tutorial.

1. Create background

Select the Rectangle Tool, and draw out the background. Go to layers to lock it to prevent selecting it.

2. Add some stars

Add a new layer above the background.Using the Star Tool, draw a few stars and fill it with different shades of grey.illustrator star tool

3. Create a row of stars

Select all the stars and hold Alt/Option to drag a new copy beside it. Repeat it by pressing Ctrl+D/Command+D until you get a row of stars.

4. Fill the background with stars

Select the row of stars. Using the same method above we repeat it downwards until our background is filled with stars.


5. Create random stars

Go Object>Transform>Transform Each. Check the random option. Set both Scale (Horizontal and Vertical) the same value to make it proportion. Make sure the Scale is smaller to 50% to make it smaller. Select a random figure for move to make the stars offset it’s current position. Finally, Set Rotate to 360 to give it a random rotation. Now we have the image below.


6. Final touchup

Select all the stars and and Transform Again (Ctrl/Command+D) to repeat the random stars transformation until we achieve the effect we like. Hope you enjoy this star tutorial!

illustrator star field

Download Source File
Download Source File

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