Illustrator Tutorial: 4 Stylish Web 2.0 Badges

This illustrator tutorial will touch on how to create 4 different stylish vector web 2.0 badges. We will start by learning how to create the basic sawtooth badge. From there, we will move on to produce other styles using some other filters.

So what is a Web 2.0 badge? It is a bubble used in modern websites that call for the attention about a service or message. Some common traits of Web 2.0 badges are bright colors, glossy effects, gradient fades, rounded corners and star shapes etc. Used correctly, it can help you market your website successfully.

Mastering the Star Tool

This will cover all the shortcuts of using the Star Tool. Click on the canvas and drag to create a star shape. Without releasing your mouse, press Arrow Up/Down to increase/decrease points. Other than this, you can hold Ctrl/Command and drag to adjust the radius until you get the shape you want. With this 2 shortcuts on hand, you can create any star shape you want easily!

illustrator star tool

illustrator star tool

1. Creating the sawtooth shape

Select the Star Tool, click and drag to create a basic star. Without releasing your mouse, press Arrow Up key to increase the number of points. Hold Ctrl/Command and drag to adjust the radius until you get the shape below.

web badge step1

3. Dividing the shape

Create a duplicate of the shape by pressing Ctrl/Command+C then press Ctrl/Command+F to paste it on top. With the Pencil or Pen Tool, draw a quick wave cutting across the shape. Select your top shape and your wave and open up your Pathfinder tool (Window>Pathfinder), click Divide to divide it into 2 pieces. By default, it will be grouped after dividing. Press Ctl+Shift+G/Command+Shift+G to ungroup it. Select the unwanted bottom half shape and delete it.

web badge step2

Divide function in pathfinder

3. Applying the gloss look

Now select the top half shape. Go Object>Path>Offset Path and select a value of -2mm. Apply a linear gradient from black to white and select Screen under the Transparency palette.

offset -2mm
Screen under the Transparency Paletteweb badge step3

4. Final web 2.0 badge

Select the bottom sawtooth shape and apply a gradient from light green to dark green and you are done.

web badge step4

3 Other Styles of Web 2.0 badges

Here is quick guide of using Round Corners and Pucker & Bloat effect to create more styles. Experiment with different settings and have fun with it!

3 different styles of badges tutorial

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Bonus: Web 2.0 Gradient Swatches

The guys at Dezinerfolio has created a collection 130 Web 2.0 Gradient Swatches for Illustrator. With the wide range of gradients, you can instantly try out different colors for your badges. But the sad news is that you need Illustrator CS3 to import it.

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