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Last updated on 1 August 2020

This is the most popular FREE Illustrator training course created for beginners interested to learn Adobe Illustrator. Each lesson will take around 20 mins to complete and you will be able to learn the basic fundamental techniques in 30 days. The course is updated to work with Illustrator CS to Illustrator CS5. No matter what version you installed, you will definitely benefit from this Illustrator crash course. The lessons are kept easy and simple so that anyone can be confident in using Illustrator after this crash course!

In this Illustrator training course, I will not be drilling down in detail how each feature works. However, I will be covering all the essential tools that are commonly used so that you can get started and have a feel of how illustrator works. At 30 days you will be able to draw illustrations, design your own logos and create special effects with this Illustrator training course!

This is one of the best courses for starters and beginners. So don’t miss this chance to learn Illustrator.

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Update August 2020 – More than 8,000 users have completed this Illustrator training course and recommended it to their friends! So start learning Illustrator today!

Illustrator Training – Week 1
Day 1: What is Illustrator
Day 2: Getting Started in Illustrator
Day 3: Drawing Basic Shapes
Day 4: Drawing with Pencil Tool
Day 5: Drawing with Pen Tool
Day 6: Weekend Break
Day 7: Weekend Break

Illustrator Training – Week 2
Day 8: Using Brushes
Day 9: Creating Compound Paths
Day 10: Working with Color and Strokes
Day 11: Editing Objects, Layers & Groups
Day 12: Transparency & Graphic Styles
Day 13: Weekend Break
Day 14: Weekend Break

Illustrator Training – Week 3
Day 15: Transforming & Moving Objects
Day 16: Basic Text
Day 17: Blending Shapes & Colors
Day 18: Photorealism with Gradient Mesh
Day 19: Using the Symbol Tools
Day 20: Weekend Break
Day 21: Weekend Break

Illustrator Training – Last Week
Day 22: Creating Special Effects
Day 23: Applying 3D Extrude & Bevel
Day 24: Distort using Warp Effects
Day 25: Applying Live Paint
Day 26: Masking using Clipping Path/ Opacity Mask
Day 27: Weekend Break
Day 28: Weekend Break
Day 29: Saving & Printing
Day 30: Final Project – Designing a Logo

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, a small donation will be appreciated to help maintain the blog. Thanks for supporting this Illustrator training course!

If you have enjoyed using Illustrator, you can buy Adobe software at promotional prices at Adobe discount.

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About The Author: Tony Soh

Hi. I'm the founder of Vector Diary. Illustrator is my passion and I have written numerous tutorials on illustrator helping people learn illustrator. My most popular tutorial on learn illustrator has been a hit. It makes learning illustrator so easy and has benefited more than 20,000 people worldwide. Also, I've revealed some of my secret techniques in the premium tutorials. So don't forget to check it out!

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  1. Gravtar for LadyAngora
    LadyAngora July 14th

    i think this is awesome that you are going to do this!!! (can i hope that you will do one for photoshop cs3 too??) 🙂 can’t wait to learn along with these!

  2. Gravtar for Alex
    Alex July 14th

    this is just what I need as i am just about to add illustrator to my adobe knowledge.
    will be checking back over the next 30 days looking forward to it.
    FYI – the link for day 1 is missing an h

  3. Gravtar for iStockdiary
    iStockdiary July 15th

    Hi Ladyangora, I will see the response for this tutorial is before I decide whether I will write one for photoshop CS3. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Hi Alex, Thanks for the link fix! =)

  4. Gravtar for Muurtegel
    Muurtegel July 15th

    Wow REALLY AWESOME! And what a coincidence that i stumbled upon this on the first day! I can’t wait to follow this whole project by every inch!


  5. Gravtar for Michelle
    Michelle July 16th

    hey this is cool!
    i’ve just installed illustrator a few days ago and i was looking for something like this


  6. Gravtar for Eli
    Eli July 16th

    Now, this sounds like a brilliant idea to me (especially since I want to learn Illustrator more), but you had better make sure you follow through with all of the tutorials 🙂

  7. Gravtar for Alex D
    Alex D July 18th

    Oho, great!

  8. Gravtar for Candy
    Candy July 18th

    You are so awesome for doing that. Thanks loads. I’ve been using illustrator for like a month now, but I still feel lost. I can make stuff, but I’m not sure if this is enough to get me a job, you know. I apologize for rambling. But yeah, thanks a lot. I’ll be visiting your blog religiously. 🙂

  9. Gravtar for Julia
    Julia July 19th

    That ideia is great, very usefull, but I will be thankful if you can write one about Photoshop CS3 too. I know how to do somethings, but a really good tutorial would be great. Thanks a lot ^^

  10. Gravtar for iStockdiary
    iStockdiary July 19th

    Hi Julia, thanks for your feedback. What do you like to accomplish with Photoshop? Photo montages, designing web interface, designing ads or posters?

  11. Gravtar for iStockdiary
    iStockdiary July 19th

    Hi Candy, I’m not too sure what job you would like. If you want to land a job as an illustrator, then you really need to have good foundation in drawing. However, if you are working as a graphic designer, illustrator can help you create character drawings and logos.

  12. Gravtar for Candy
    Candy July 19th

    Yeah, I’m actually currently looking for graphic designer jobs, since I’m only proficient in photoshop, illustrator, and indesign. I can draw, yeah, but not very good. Anyways, I have another question, but not sure if this is the right place to ask it. It’s concerning portfolios (PDF ones mostly) – I’m not sure what to include in it. Thanks again for replying. Greatly appreciated.

  13. Gravtar for iStockdiary
    iStockdiary July 19th

    Since that’s the case, I think illustrator can help you create icons, maps, line drawings, charts and diagrams easily. This are some ways illustrator would be useful for your job. For portfolio, it will depend on your strength and what job you are looking for. If you are good at brochure design and looking for a job in that area, then focus on it and put your few best pieces in. Then you can leave out your web projects and illustration drawings. If you have anymore questions in making your portfolio, you can email me. I will be happy to help.

  14. Gravtar for Candy
    Candy July 20th

    Oh now I understand! I emailed you. Thank you very much.

  15. Gravtar for Akiva Feinstein
    Akiva Feinstein July 24th

    I think this is great. May I suggest that for next time instead of just having a weekend break that an optional “homework” assignment be given, some sort of project that would allow us to put together that week’s skills. For example, have us a make something and then after the weekend publish your own work flow and how you would get it done. I want to use this to make a web site for my site:

  16. Gravtar for amit
    amit July 24th

    i wan to join

  17. Gravtar for Jeff
    Jeff July 25th

    This is a great idea! I just purchased Illustrator because I got a webmaster job for school, and I though it would be helpful know a little Illustrator here and there, and so far I like it, but I have no clue what true power the application holds. I will definitely follow along starting tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what this experience has to offer! Thanks!

  18. Gravtar for Iacopo Bernardini
    Iacopo Bernardini July 26th

    you have had a very nice idea

  19. Gravtar for Kerrie
    Kerrie July 26th

    This is fabulous, thank you so much I have tried to learn it on my own but not doing very well LOL

  20. Gravtar for joyoge
    joyoge July 26th

    30 günde h?zl? kursla illustrator ö?renin
    thanks a lot…

  21. Gravtar for Tom
    Tom July 26th

    This is totally amazing ! Two days ago, I just thought I really wanted to know how to use Illustrator, because there are more and more tutorials for Illustrator, and I didn’t know anything about Illustrator. This sounds like a miracle.
    Thank you so much 🙂

  22. Gravtar for Mostaque Ahammed
    Mostaque Ahammed July 27th

    WOW! Fantastic!!

    Thanks lot for bringing it…

  23. Gravtar for Y
    Y July 27th

    You have no idea how useful this is! Thanks so much!

  24. Gravtar for Sean O
    Sean O July 28th

    I love this! Thank you!

  25. Gravtar for cizgicizmeli
    cizgicizmeli July 31st

    thanks for everything,will be good for my job! 🙂

  26. Gravtar for Aliasart
    Aliasart August 2nd

    This is so great! I’ve been seraching for moth for a good tutorial on Illustrator. Thanks so much! Great work and my respect.

  27. Gravtar for Brian
    Brian August 5th

    Hell yes! This is awesome! I really like this tutorial, I’m learning a lot.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  28. Gravtar for Peter Breis
    Peter Breis August 5th

    I have been an Illustrator user since v1.0 but I still learnt something new and it helped me look afresh at how I go about using it.

    Thank you for a model of how to do a Tutorial.

    Excellent job, well done.

  29. Gravtar for Mark
    Mark August 6th

    Thanks for these lessons, really looking forward to going thru them. FYI, if you join anytime after week 3 starts, the feed readers arent shown more than 10 posts. Folks new to the site will want to get them all:) You can change this in the WP settings from 10 to whatever.

  30. Gravtar for Raj
    Raj August 9th

    I really like this 🙂 Thanx a lot m8!

  31. Gravtar for ingenuity
    ingenuity August 12th

    I’m delighted to have been told about this site. It’s just what I needed. Thank you!

  32. Gravtar for srinu
    srinu August 12th

    Thanks for these lessons, really looking forward to going thru them. FYI, if you join anytime after week 3 starts, the feed readers arent shown more than 10 posts. Folks new to the site will want to get them all:) You can change this in the WP settings from 10 to whatever.Thanks for these lessons, really looking forward to going thru them. FYI, if you join anytime after week 3 starts, the feed readers arent shown more than 10 posts. Folks new to the site will want to get them all:) You can change this in the WP settings from 10 to whatever.

  33. Gravtar for Irfan
    Irfan August 15th

    Thank you – these lessons are much appreciated…

  34. Gravtar for Sally
    Sally September 1st

    this is absolutely great!! i bought a whole set of adobe programs, about a year ago and but i only use photoshop, after effects and premiere. i was wondering if you could make an adobe flash one.

    much love,


  35. Gravtar for Kat
    Kat September 2nd

    This is great! I’ve been playing around with Illustrator for a while but I get frustrated with many of the tutorials I’ve read. It’s great that you’ve cut it down to a daily lesson that enables us to do it on our own pace. Thank you!

  36. Gravtar for Rachel
    Rachel September 2nd

    Great idea to put it in a daily training format!!!

  37. Gravtar for Kasy
    Kasy September 5th

    You are so awesome and is so sweet from you making this! Thank you in advance C:

  38. Gravtar for Manuel Minino
    Manuel Minino September 7th

    Time to learn Ai !!!

  39. Gravtar for Alfonso Castrillo
    Alfonso Castrillo September 7th

    I think it’s a very remarkable thing, thank you very much
    Mérida, Venezuela, located in South América

  40. Gravtar for Jaikumar
    Jaikumar September 9th

    This is great! another request can you do the same for Adobe Indesign CS3 please.

  41. Gravtar for Sarah
    Sarah September 16th

    This is a brilliant idea. I wish this was available sooner. However it is still helpful to me. Great job. I hope to see something like this course for Photoshop and Flash cs3.

  42. Gravtar for Murat Göktuna
    Murat Göktuna September 17th

    This is great! another request can you do the same for Adobe Indesign CS3 please.

  43. Gravtar for ceyhun
    ceyhun September 21st

    can I help me??

  44. Gravtar for Michael
    Michael September 26th

    Wow!, this is great. Thank you.
    Do you think you can do the same for InDesign?

  45. Gravtar for Gd Ney Brasil
    Gd Ney Brasil September 27th

    Quero deixar aqui o meu agradecimento a todos vcs que elaboraram essas lições sobre Ilustrator, me ajudou muito na minha caminha de aprediz.

    Obrigado!! Thanks!!

    Abração!! Gd.

  46. Gravtar for Muurtegel
    Muurtegel October 1st

    I also recommended this to some friends ^_^

  47. Gravtar for ismailkara
    ismailkara October 1st

    Thank you! This is really great.

    I want to translate in Turkish, can you let me to do this 🙂

    Of course i will give your donation link and blog link.

  48. Gravtar for Cathy
    Cathy October 5th


    Thanks for you tutorials. I was going to make a donation but it was there was an error. If you can email me your paypal account, would be more than happy to send the donation.

    Again, thanks for sharing your ideas. It’s really helpful for newbies like me.

    Take care.

  49. Gravtar for Nick Nogueira
    Nick Nogueira October 23rd

    What an awesome initiative! This blog has been one of my favorites so far. Thank you for the great posts. This one specially will help a lot of newcomers.

  50. Gravtar for samuel k sarfo
    samuel k sarfo October 28th

    ok its really a nice tutorial and very effective too thank god we have people like you to teach the willing but needed. may god bless you all thanks again.

  51. Gravtar for sahra
    sahra November 11th

    Thank you

  52. Gravtar for philip
    philip November 24th

    good one!

  53. Gravtar for Naresh
    Naresh November 27th

    thanks really a nice tutorial your doing great job

  54. Gravtar for arunkirubhakar
    arunkirubhakar November 29th

    please give me the websites which gives a correct idea about how to work in photoshop,illustrator & flash with works done so that i can have a clear idea of how to work in these softwares
    thanking u
    c.arun kirubhakar

  55. Gravtar for lumbreras
    lumbreras December 3rd

    Hi Brandi, I love this tutorial illustrator, May I publish it in Spanish in my blog?, Because many people do not understand English, I appreciate if I may, always mention this source.

  56. Gravtar for Dan
    Dan December 16th

    Thank god! Finally a CS3 tutorial that doesn’t assume you’re a fashion obsessed sandal-wearer with too much money (a mac user).

  57. Gravtar for Bruce Winwood
    Bruce Winwood December 30th

    Great job! I finally learned to do the artwork I always wanted to do. Since I am not a designer I really could use the tips you gave.
    Brilliant work!

  58. Gravtar for Jaha Knight
    Jaha Knight February 2nd

    I wish I’d seen this article earlier. I could have used it with my students.

  59. Gravtar for Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams February 8th

    Great tutorial, thanks.

  60. Gravtar for Daniel
    Daniel February 19th

    I would like to say to you that you are helping me a lot with this tutorial. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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    zaib khan March 2nd

    superb way of teaching us thanks a lot

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    egle rudzionyte March 11th

    thank you!helped heaps.

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    tariq jehangiri March 14th

    Hi..its all the gr8 stuff!!!!!!!! Thanx

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    sivas March 21st

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    Fantastic Stuff.. thanks very much for sharing it!

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    butt May 19th


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    Really terrific tutorial. This is useful for all designers & artist.
    Very simple & …..

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    Marcos Nobre July 19th

    Thnks man, i learned with this tuto =D.

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    Meladori November 3rd

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    Workshops November 12th

    Great stuff. Im going to give it a go.

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    Azim November 15th

    Thank you for taking the time to post this tutorial

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    nadia December 28th

    awesome and easy to learn..thanx for sharing!

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    Ronald Ssematimba December 30th

    Hi, this is my first time and i want to use it because i got a job of my life time, so i think it will be helpful for me that i succeed in life to be the best graphic design

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    Football Manager April 20th

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    Thank u for the kind helpl………….

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    Neil F George May 24th


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    Carmia Cronje June 24th

    I am just starting to use Illustrator, so this is very helpful! The easiest way of learning new software is with tutorials.

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    this is just what I need as i am just about to add illustrator to my adobe knowledge.
    will be checking back over the next 30 days looking forward to it.
    FYI – the link for day 1 is missing an h

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