Top 10 Masters of Gradient Mesh

Gradient Mesh Tool in Illustrator allows artist to to create photorealism drawings. Below are some examples of the top notch artist showing their works online. All of the illustrations below are made using Illustrator. No photoshop!

Takashi Morisak (Japan)

Yukio Miyamoto (Japan)

Link to old website of Yukio Miyamoto

Ann Paidrick (USA)

Halim Ghodbane (Algeria)

Reggie Gilbert (USA)

Wayne Forest (Canada)

Highside (Japan)

Brooke Nuñez Fetissoff (USA – Chicago)

Henke Svensson (Sweden)

Koji Masui (Japan)

(No website)

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  1. Gravtar for Khawla
    Khawla August 22nd

    They look real! Amazing!

  2. Gravtar for Tracie
    Tracie August 23rd

    Are these artists saying they created these photographs, or copied them? Because I have one of those pictures from (it’s a rather old stock photo), and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t created in illustrator. I could be wrong …

  3. Gravtar for André
    André August 23rd

    looks pretty cool. It just a matter of diligence

  4. Gravtar for Vectordiary
    Vectordiary August 23rd

    Hi Tracie, all of them are created with illustrator. They may have use a stock photo to trace, this might be possible.

  5. Gravtar for Love Malhotra
    Love Malhotra August 25th

    I like It.

  6. Gravtar for yoshike
    yoshike October 12th

    now the real question here is why don’t you just take a photo?
    but I guess the answer is gonna be on the lines of because you can

  7. Gravtar for Vectordiary
    Vectordiary October 12th

    Hi Yoshike, with gradient mesh you can blow the picture up real big without loss of resolution. That makes a difference from a photo.

  8. Gravtar for Patti March
    Patti March November 12th

    I agree with Tracie… I have the image of the girl that Halim Ghodbane (Algeria)
    posted. It is from an old stock photo from Corel I believe. It does not look different from the original???

  9. Gravtar for Juny
    Juny November 18th

    I could’nt belive.
    If could have the ai file.
    I would say it’s really from Adobe Illustrator.

  10. Gravtar for Patti March
    Patti March November 18th

    Are the .ai files available to look at for these?

  11. Gravtar for Vectordiary
    Vectordiary November 18th

    Yes, they are really done using gradient mesh. If you visit their website they actually show the gradient mesh wire. However the ai is not available for download.

  12. Gravtar for ahbchan
    ahbchan December 12th

    unbelievable!!! can see how much efforts on them!

  13. Gravtar for wow
    wow March 18th

    Man you people are stupid. Of course it looks JUST like the picture, IT’S SUPPOSED TO! Otherwise they wouldn’t be very good at their job, and certainly not on this site. And do you honestly think that the .ai files would be available for download!? If they did that, then ANYONE could say that they drew this. If you don’t know about gradient mesh or Illustrator, then wtf are you doing on this website?

  14. Gravtar for Nicci Nyc
    Nicci Nyc July 1st

    *Drop Jaws*

  15. Gravtar for reezluv
    reezluv July 2nd

    tracing?wow!there are awesome..this it pretty nice list..I am only know Yukio Miyamoto (Japan), but the rest are totally new for me..really amazing..

  16. Gravtar for Junry
    Junry July 2nd

    Is there any tutorials to come up with this amazing project?
    Thanks for a reply.

  17. Gravtar for Master
    Master April 27th

    see this where all tutorials have a Higher page rank and professional.Very helpful for beginners…

  18. Gravtar for Ketchfire
    Ketchfire November 25th

    Very click work indeed. Love the instrumentation work.