30 Cute And Inspiring Animal Illustrations

In this roundup, we present a collection of 30 cute and inspiring animal illustrations. The roundup provides some fantastic vector animal characters from across the web and includes everything from giraffe, bunnies, elephant, zebra to fish… Well, just read on to check out the collection. It will not only inspire you but some of the pieces will bring a smile on your face!


Pick Me

Sea Turtle




The Giraffe and the Fennec

For book. Bespalov.10

Fuck Your Sneakers Crew

Bring Peace to Midnight




Loving snails – The return

Capybara Pet


Hippo on his Vespa


Miss Clito


Short and Tall


Dreaming About Tea

Black Sheep

Gumball Candy Cat


Crazy Creatures

Sleeping Bunny

Letting Go


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  1. Gravtar for Abdallh
    Abdallh April 12th

    so nice thanx

  2. Gravtar for Vinsent
    Vinsent April 13th

    Briliant pictures. The Egg is my best picture. I imagine having it as a potrait in my lounge. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

  3. Gravtar for jeff
    jeff May 7th

    wow! amazing!

  4. Gravtar for Elcodigodebarras
    Elcodigodebarras May 14th

    About barcode image: C.O.C.O (Copy or Coincidence)? this is my link in deviantart

    *By the way Elcodigodebarras means Barcode in english language.

  5. Gravtar for Hassan
    Hassan May 20th

    Thanks for sharing.. Very Nice & Cute.

    I also ready your tutorial & different stuff Very Nice & Amazing!!!!

  6. Gravtar for kristina
    kristina May 23rd

    Awwww there so cute! i love the panda one and the mouse one. The mouse one made me laugh because i have a little pet mice and when i picked out my little brown one it was like it had a little sign over its head saying “ME,Me,Pick Me!” lol

  7. Gravtar for Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor June 9th

    I love the textures used for ‘Egg’, similar to the background lines of a bank note.

  8. Gravtar for job ballard
    job ballard June 17th

    Nice collection – love the giraffe.

  9. Gravtar for Kim
    Kim August 25th

    These are absolutely inspirational. Some amazing talent out there. Sleeping Bunny and Tundra are my favourites.

  10. Gravtar for Piru
    Piru September 13th

    Fantastic collection! Love the last one!
    This site also has plenty of incredible animals: Zoo&co

  11. Gravtar for เพลงใหม่
    เพลงใหม่ December 2nd

    great! thank somuch

  12. Gravtar for CraL
    CraL February 23rd