30 Inspiring Cute Vector Characters

inspiring cute vector characters

Looking for ideas to create vector characters? This inspiration thread contains 30 amazing and cool illustration styles that will amaze you. Be sure to digg and stumble this post. Thanks!

1. Mad Atom 002

cute character Mad Atom 002

2. Aliens brain error

cute character alliens brain error


cute character CANADA!

4. Commish: Ni’Jaey

cute character Commish NiJaey

5. CREZ v AGENT 01

cute character CREZ v AGENT 01

6. Fishing

cute character Fishing

7. Itosame’s Portfolio

cute character Itosame gallery

8. Lynx Boy

cute character Lynx Boy

9. Michael Little’s Portfolio

cute character Michael Little Gallery

10. Recycledwax’s Portfolio

cute character Recycledwax Gallery

11. Royal Family

cute character Royal Family

12. Seul au monde

cute character Seul au monde

13. Stairway to Hell

cute character Stairway to Hell

14. Teen survival guide

cute character Teen survival guide

15. Gift Elf

cute character Gift Elf

16.Berk cankat’s Portfolio

cute character Berk cankat

17. BubbleArmy

cute character BubbleArmy

18. Campa’s Portfolio

cute character campa

19. Cotton Candy

cute character Cotton Candy

20. DanielTeran’s portfolio

cute character DanielTeran

21. David Sossella’s Portfolio

cute character David Sossella

22. “Dreaming”

cute character dreaming

23. Geek ninja

cute character geek ninja

24. Monsterburger

cute character Monsterburger

25. Pablito Pueblitos

cute character pablito pueblitos

26. Jerrod Maruyama’s Portfolio

cute character Jerrod Maruyama

27. Pet pals© movie poster

cute character Pet palsc movie poster

28. Pirate Fish and The Octo

cute character Pirate Fish and The Octo

29. Pirates

cute character Pirates

30. SockMonkee’s Portfolio

cute character SockMonkee

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  1. Gravtar for ayen
    ayen April 27th

    I’m finding out that I really like doing illustration, so finding this site, is like a goldmine. It’s good to know what my peers are doing, and that I really need to step up my game to be among these fellow illustrators. Thank you.

  2. Gravtar for Adeshina Ojo
    Adeshina Ojo April 27th

    Dear poster, please is it possible to make a digital color separation on adobe illustration?

  3. Gravtar for Litmusbranding
    Litmusbranding May 10th

    all the inspiring vector characters are really cute and love to see all. some characters are funny and some are refreshing. nice work

  4. Gravtar for Steve
    Steve October 20th

    Yep, these vector characters are made with perfection in every detail. Really creative and inspiring work!