30 Inspiring Fruits and Vegetables Vector

This month we will be featuring some of the coolest and funkiest fruits and vegetables vector drawings. I know it sounds like a boring topic. But the following 30 illustrations will show you the other side of fruits illustration. Below are some of the creative ways you can use to draw the plain simple looking fruits. So don’t miss this inspiration post!

1. HOWboy

(Copyright 2011 Epkes – All Rights Reserved)

2. Kawaii Dwight Schrute

Kawaii Dwight Schrute

3. Cherry On Top Pitch

Cherry On Top Pitch

4.Cumberland Farms Chillzone Character Design

Cumberland Farms Chillzone Character Design

5. DJ Limon-Squeezer

DJ Limon Squeezer

6. Down In The Undergrowth At Midnight

Down In The Undergrowth At Midnight

7. Fresh Fruit Character Design

Fresh Fruit Character Design

8. Froot Bowl – Still Life

Froot Bowl Still Life

9. Fruit Frost

Fruit Frost

10. Fruit&Nut

Fruit & Nut

11. FruitSalad


12. Full Garden

Full Garden

13. Hihi met Sisi

Hihi met Sisi

14. LoveFraise


15. Melon field, under a plum tree

Melon field under a plum tree

16. Original Sin

Original Sin

17. Raspberry formation

Raspberry formation

18. The Mythic Journey

The Mythic Journey

19. Time Flies Like an Arrow; But Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Time Flies Like an Arrow But Fruit Flies Like a Banana

20. Tomato power

tomato power

21. Vector fruits

Vector fruits

22. Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet

Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet

23. Food Fight

Food Fight

24. PDXcreativeIllustration

PDX creative Illustration
(Copyright 2011 Epkes – All Rights Reserved)

25. Super Market

Super Market

26. Harvest Time

Harvest Time

27. Legend of Zelda Forest Theme

Legend of Zelda Forest Theme

28. Vegetable shop

Vegetable shop

29. The Window

The Window

30. Veggie World

Veggie World

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