38 Inspiring Vexel Artworks & Tutorials

“Vexel” is a combination of the words vector and pixel, and it is used to describe a style of digital art which is entirely pixel-based, but looks like vector art. Vector uses mathematical equations to create lines and shapes in image whereas vexels are raster works in pixels.

Vexels can be created using any graphic programme like Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Freehand, Illustrator etc. or the combination of one or more. Vexels are quite flexible to create and there are various methods of creating vexel art but the overall process is to stack shapes of a certain shape and color to create a whole image using multiple layers, one can also use gradients, paintbrushes, airbrushes or any freehand tool like pencil to give it a desired and unique appearance. What makes vexel arts so amazing is that each piece takes hours to complete which requires patience, hard work and talent.

Below you will find some amazing vexel arts for your inspiration and some excellent tutorials to get you started vexel art.



Can You Guess? Answer

Vintage Beauty


Color My World


Old Vexel

Lily Allen

Natalie Portman


Digital Portraits (Vexels)


Joy to the World


Art Elysse


I Love DA

Happy Birthday Manda

He is already gone




2008 Quarter 3

Throne – done




Vexel Start Tutorial

Vexel Tutorial – Hair

Vexel Tutorial

Create a Basic Vexel Image

Vexelling Hair

Create a Complete Vexel Image Using Photoshop

Vexel Tutrial for The GIMP

Something Red Walkthrough

Vexel Eye Walkthrough-Tutorial

Photoshop Vexel Demo

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