Bill Wood Map Illustrations

bill wood map illustration

Need some inspirations for map illustrations? Check out Bill Wood Illustration for some ideas.

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About The Author: Tony Soh

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  1. Gravtar for Gracia
    Gracia November 1st

    Who is Bill Wood?

    I really like the map he has created for this client.

    Any news on him at all? Is he based in Australia like us?
    How did you come across him?

    Kind regards


  2. Gravtar for sami
    sami November 4th

    really very nice work you have done:)

  3. Gravtar for Vectordiary
    Vectordiary November 5th

    I found it through searching the web. It looks like an Australia based company from its url.

  4. Gravtar for Bill
    Bill November 14th

    Hi Tony,

    It is great to see you feature my wok- I think I’ve come across this site before as I was told that my work was on here.
    Many thanks.
    I also have a site dedicated to maps as well now.

    I get the odd work from London and the US by the adwords account that I have up and running.
    Where are you based can I ask?
    I’m in Melbourne Australia.

    Cheers for now


  5. Gravtar for Willie
    Willie April 13th

    Cxbplj That’s the best asnewr of all time! JMHO

  6. Gravtar for zkzxhxgkasw
    zkzxhxgkasw April 22nd

    1zImm6 yrgipebbxmxj