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30 Inspiring Legal Vector Illustrations

Dura Lex Sed Lex goes this legal maxim which basically means “the law is harsh but it is the law.” We cannot further emphasized the need in abiding by our laws as the same is a fundamental concept in our society. These codes which govern our society exist for one purpose and that is order. Hence, we found it proper to have series of vector inspirations related to law and order, justice and law enforcement.

In the following illustrations, a combination of legal elements are compiled into one entry to remind us that after all “no one is above the law” or that “crime does not pay.” There are also vectors pertaining to judges and lawyers, victims and those persons in conflict with the law as these are the main players of our legal system.

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30 Inspiring Summer Vector Illustrations

summer vector inspiration

Feel the breeze and the summer heat with this enormous selection of summer vector inspirations! Indulge your senses with different icons that will remind of you of what it feels to be sun-kissed and the splashing sound of the sea breeze. Bring back the memories of that ultimate vacation you had plus the relaxation that goes with it!

Allow us to rekindle those fun times as we bring you 30 inspiring summer vectors for your visual consumption. These are inspirations that will surely entice you so you can look forward on your next summer escapade!

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30 Inspiring Background Patterns

30 inspiring background patterns

Looking for nicely done and inspiring background patterns? Here is a list of top 30 best and most used background pattern collection that will surely give your art an awesome support to show off your art skills:

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30 Inspiring Floral Illustrations

30 inspiring floral illustrations

There are many illustrations from different artists worldwide; the theme of the illustrations could be anything but the most popular one is floral illustration. You can find lots of illustrations with floral subject because it is one of the basic illustrations that can be easily visualized at the same time it is perfect for wide applications.

You can find tons and tons of floral illustrations from the web but today, we will give you some of the most inspiring floral illustrations that have standout from the others. Feel free to scan our top 30 most beautiful and most inspiring floral illustrations:

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30 Inspiring Medical Illustrations

30 inspiring medical illustrations

Most of the medical and scientific stuffs are hard to define by merely words, that is why most of the topic that involves medical explanation needs images and photos to illustrate and expound each topic well. Good photos can let other readers and viewers easily understand the fact of what you are trying to explain and we have the list of the best and most inspiring medical illustration for medical related topics.

Here is a list of the top 30 most inspiring medical illustration that you should check out:

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Shutterstock Download Trend Infographics 2013

shutterstock download trend infographics 2013

Sutterstock has created a nice visual infographic of the most popular downloaded stock images in 2012. Vector has been on a rising trend over the years compared to stock photographs. If you are looking at creating new stock vectors to sell, creating images related to green, nostalgic and geometric is a good idea. Hope this helps you know what to shoot or draw for this Summer.
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30 Inspiring Interior Illustrations

Room in Illustrator

This 30 inspiring vector style interior illustrations will give you new ideas and styles to create amazing interior designs. You will find various concepts on interior of house, restaurants, commercial buildings and many more…
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