Revamp for Vectordiary???

It has been close to a year since my blog started and now the current blog theme feels dry to me. I think it needs to be more exciting with a more professional look since my RSS readership has grown to more than a 1,000. If you have any suggestions or features to help improve Vectordiary, I will wish to hear.

Also, help cast your votes at the sidebar poll to decide whether Vectordiary needs a new look to step into year 2009!

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About The Author: Tony Soh

Hi. I'm the founder of Vector Diary. Illustrator is my passion and I have written numerous tutorials on illustrator helping people learn illustrator. My most popular tutorial on learn illustrator has been a hit. It makes learning illustrator so easy and has benefited more than 20,000 people worldwide. Also, I've revealed some of my secret techniques in the premium tutorials. So don't forget to check it out!

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  1. Gravtar for Sonali
    Sonali November 17th

    Well, i voted, Yes…a fresh look is always welcome! A new theme which gives more of a vectorise feeling……or a layout that looks like a diary or something?!!

  2. Gravtar for Coerv
    Coerv November 17th

    Why don’t you use vectors for your new design? 😉

  3. Gravtar for Ellen
    Ellen November 17th

    As a total newbie on Illustrator, I so appreciate your website. I would be unhappy if you spent so much time redesigning it that you didn’t have time to post new content.

  4. Gravtar for Tamera
    Tamera November 17th

    I really appreciate this site. It’s been such a help. A little change is always good but don’t feel like you are way behind. Simple and clean works!

  5. Gravtar for Vectordiary
    Vectordiary November 17th

    The reason for the revamp is to make my blog look more professional and attract advertisers and more readers to Vectordiary.

  6. Gravtar for PUB_SHADY
    PUB_SHADY November 20th

    Yes, a fresh look will be better!!!when u finish,u will see the difference..
    well…just make ur image…
    srry my inglish 🙁

  7. Gravtar for Khawla
    Khawla November 22nd

    I like your Website’s content. I love Illustrator. You can make your new Website layout designed in Illustrator with elements made using some of the techniques you taught us.