Color Theory

Here is a short article on color from iStockphoto. Recommended reading for beginners learning about color. Excerpt: When creating a very dense composition with lots of elements stuffed into a single image, it’s easy to let color overwhelm the viewer. The trick is not to use as many bright colors as possible, but to use …

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Color Emotions in Advertising

Color relates to emotions. Find out what color to use for your design with this reference chart! A action—brown affliction—purple anger—red, orange authority—black autumn—brown award—blue B beauty (divine)—yellow beauty (human)—green belligerence—red, orange C chaos—violet cold—blue confidence—yellow constancy—blue contentment—green D dawn—pink death—black, violet dedication—violet demon—blue dignity—purple distinction—yellow dominance—red, orange E earthiness—brown enchantment—violet enlightenment—yellow envy—green esteem—yellow eternal life—green …

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Tutorial: 3 methods to make a realistic CD

Here is a collection of 3 cool methods to illustrate a realistic CD. Be sure to read all the 3 different methods to have a better understanding of the different advance tricks to imitate the cone gradient reflection on a CD.


10 Mistakes in Icon Design

Turbo Milk wrote a nice article on the common 10 mistakes of icons design. GUI lovers be sure to check it out!


40 ways to get inspirations

Here is a list of 40 tips to look for inspirations. 1. Look at the past. Study how old Masters have done it. 2. Learn something new. 3. Pick up a new hobby. 4. Take a holiday and visit a foreign country. 5. Learn other cultures. 6. Clear your workspace. 7. Look outside the web. …

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Illustrator Tutorial: 4 Stylish Web 2.0 Badges

This illustrator tutorial will touch on how to create 4 different stylish vector web 2.0 badges. We will start by learning how to create the basic sawtooth badge. From there, we will move on to produce other styles using some other filters.

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