The Best Illustrator Books & Videos For Learning

Here is a list of Illustrator books and videos I find it useful for beginners to pick up Illustrator. The best way to learn is still through Lynda’s video tutorials as you can follow the instructors steps.

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Classroom in a Book

Level: Beginner

Written by Adobe creative team, the step-by-step lessons in each chapter guides the reader through projects to learn the key features in Illustrator CS3. This is a good book to start with for beginners.

Real World Adobe Illustrator CS3 (Real World)

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Mordy Golding has done many training materials on illustrator and is reagrded as a master of Illustrator. In this book, he covers in details all the tools and features in Illustrator. It act as a good reference and learning material for beginners to advance levels.

The Adobe Illustrator CS2 Wow! Book (WOW!)

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

This is probably the best book I ever read on Illustrator. It does a good job of explaining how the tools work through real-world projects. And you definitely can pick up a lot of techniques in this book. Definitely will make you WOW!

The Adobe Illustrator CS3 Wow! Book (WOW!)

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

A new series of the WOW series packed with more tutorials and tips for the latest Illustrator CS3. Learn how to work with Live Trace and Live Paint, create photorealistic mesh and simulate ink and watercolor paintings in this new WOW book.

Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

The Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips book provides 300 productivity and tircks to speed up your productivity. The quick and short tips make it easy to learn.

Lynda Video Training offers a wide range of great video training perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills. Tutorials range from basics to intermediate techniques and anyone can benefit from it. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to creative techniques to improve your skills.

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    Asmaa' July 14th

    yep! i agree lynda tutorials rock! 🙂

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    joyoge July 26th

    illustrator kitap ve videolari

    thank you

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    Chris September 5th

    I have just recently got started with Adobe Illustrator, it’s my first Adobe app that I’ve really vested time into. I just finished the Adobe Illustrator CS3 Classroom in a Book and found it’s a great book if you are starting from zero. Now that I’ve finished all the lessons I probably won’t be going back to it as there are much better resources online, but they all assume you know at least something about Illustrator.

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    TuanAnh August 24th

    great list!
    Very useful for beginners. Thanks

  5. Gravtar for fiona glennon
    fiona glennon October 4th

    I’m about to take an exam in illustrator and found your tutorials much easier to understand than class notes. Thanks so much for breaking it down into simple terms.

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    Teng September 16th

    exept for link to video of lynda, i can’t reference any book. what’s wrong with links? when i click, it show this:

    You don’t have permission to access on this server.””

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    In awe of that asenwr! Really cool!

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    This site very informative for all. Thank you.