Illustrator Tips #4: 7 Exceptionally Useful Text Shortcuts

Here are 7 text shortcuts I find it very useful in Illustrator. It is very handy when you are dealing with typography. The shortcuts help you make slight adjustments to your text very easily. The good news is that most work in Photoshop and Indesign too. So what’s your favourite text shortcuts?

Basic text shortcuts
Ctrl/Cmd+T: Open up Text palette
(For Illustrator only)

Shortcuts to change text size
Ctrl+Shift+> (Cmd+Shift+>): Increase text by 2 points
Ctrl+Shift+< (Cmd+Shift+<): Decrease text by 2 points
(Works even in Microsoft word, simply lovely)

Shortcuts to change text tracking

Alt/Option+Arrow Right Key: Increase tracking by 20 points
Alt/Option+Arrow Left Key: Decrease tracking by 20 points

Shortcuts to change text leading
Alt/Option+Arrow Down Key: Increase leading by 2 points
Alt/Option+Arrow Up Key: Decrease leading by 2 points

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