Illustrator Tip #15: Converging Points Together Using Average Function


This tip will show you how to use the unknown Average function in illustrator to converge points. In this diagram, I have a 3d extrude star drawn using path tool. However, the points doesn’t converge at the end. To solve this problem, select all the points you want to converge using Direct Selection Tools. In this case, I will only select the 3 anchor points at the end. Now go to Object>Path>Average. Select Both and click OK. The ends will now converge perfectly together!


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  1. Gravtar for Khawla
    Khawla April 5th

    I have not known about this function until now! Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Gravtar for Asmaa’
    Asmaa' April 6th

    Thanks for sharing! nice tip will see how can i use it 🙂

  3. Gravtar for Chris Spooner
    Chris Spooner April 6th

    Thanks for the tip, that’s another Illustrator nugget I never knew about.

  4. Gravtar for James Kindred
    James Kindred April 6th

    Fantastic tip – thanks.

  5. Gravtar for Joren Rapini
    Joren Rapini April 6th

    Thanks! Love these kinds of tidbits.

  6. Gravtar for Peter Breis
    Peter Breis April 7th

    Hardly unknown, it has been part of Illustrator since the year dot.

    Adobe unfortunately took away some of the more convenient keyboard shortcuts for it, demoting it I guess.

  7. Gravtar for Steff
    Steff April 8th

    BIG thanks for u ^^

  8. Gravtar for Sigurdur Armannsson
    Sigurdur Armannsson May 6th

    It’s also worth noticing the keyboard shortcuts for these actions: Option+Cmd+J to average.

    Very often one needs to Average and Join (Cmd+J) paths. To do that in just one shortcut you do: Cmd+Option+Shift+J.

  9. Gravtar for Rob Barrett – Nice Hot Cuppa
    Rob Barrett - Nice Hot Cuppa May 13th

    Cheers Tony, that’s a great little tip to learn about!
    And thanks for the keyboard shortcuts, Sigurdur.

  10. Gravtar for edward
    edward April 23rd

    hey! thanks for sharing all these tips…they are well-explained and make my illustrator time much more enjoyable…

  11. Gravtar for catch
    catch March 1st

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    you make running a blog look easy. The overall glance of your web site is fantastic,
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