Illustrator Tip #28: Draw a Realistic Vector Fire


realistic vector fire

Want to learn how to create a realistic vector fire in Illustrator? This tip will blow you off by showing you how simple it is to make a cool burning fire using Blends. With this tip, you can create your vector fire and bring it into Photoshop to make it even more realistic by using the Smudge tool. So let’s get started on drawing the vector fire.

1. We will start off by drawing 4 layers of flames. You can use the Pencil tool or Pen tool to draw it. The outer layer will be the most detailed and the inner layers will  be simplified. Apply different tones to it, with a dark orange brown for the outer layer and bright yellow in the middle.

realistic vector fire

2. After your layers of flames are created. Select it all and select Object > Blend > Make. That’s it you fire is created. You can tweak the individual layers of flames to make it look even realistic. Your vector flame is now completed.
realistic vector fire


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