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Illustrator Tip #18: Broken Glass Effect

This great broken glass effect can be used for creating effective text effects for your websites or logos. The broken glass effect is relatively simple to create. Throughout this tutorial, I will teach you the skills needed to create this cool effect in Adobe Illustrator.
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Illustrator Tip #17: 4 Methods of Drawing Tables in Illustrator

illustrator table

Tables are often used when you are designing brochures or company profiles. However, drawing a table can be quite tedious in Illustrator as there is no proper tool to draw tables. I will illustrate some workarounds to this problem and its pros and cons.
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Illustrator Tip #16: How to Make a Beveled Star


This tutorial will show you how to create a beveled star using adobe illustrator CS4. Using just the star tool, the line segment tool and the live paint bucket you will be able to replicate this 3D looking star.
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Illustrator Tip #15: Converging Points Together Using Average Function


This tip will show you how to use the unknown Average function in illustrator to converge points. In this diagram, I have a 3d extrude star drawn using path tool. However, the points doesn’t converge at the end. To solve this problem, select all the points you want to converge using Direct Selection Tools. In this case, I will only select the 3 anchor points at the end. Now go to Object>Path>Average. Select Both and click OK. The ends will now converge perfectly together!


Illustrator Tip #14: Pasting Smart Objects in Photoshop

Using both Photoshop and Illustrator is a common work flow process in many projects. In this small tip, I will show you how you can use Illustrator’s objects, shapes or text as Smart Object in Photoshop and still keep them editable in Illustrator.

In this example, I have created a shape using Star Tool, Pucker and Bloat Effect In Illustrator.

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Illustrator Tip #13: Cropping Images

Export without crop

This is what happens when you try to export your vector art from illustrator.  You realise the image exported out isn’t the same as the artboard or there are ugly white spacing around the image. So why does this happen? When you export an image, illustrator will calculate the bounding box of the whole area taken up by your image including the clipping mask and set that as the image area. This normally leaves a lot of white spacing around the image.
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Illustrator Tip #12: Transform Pattern

In this simple but very time saving and useful tip, we will see how we can transform pattern fill in Illustrator without transforming the object on which the pattern fill is applied.

For example, if you have a pattern fill applied on a square or rectangle shape like this:

transform pattern
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