Illustrator Tip #19: Quick Seamless Valentine’s Tiles

Valentine’s day is coming and in this tutorial, I will teach you a trick to create quick seamless heart tiles.  With this tip, you will be able to create seamless tiles in a matter of seconds. And the best of all, the effect is adjustable by changing the values in the Appearance Panel. So let’s see how to do it…

In this examples, I want to fill the background with hearts. So I draw my first heart at the top left. Next apply the Transform Effect by selecting Effect>Distort & Transform>Transform Effect and set Copies to 10. Next, move the Horizontal slider for Move until the tiles fill up to right edge and click Ok. Take note of the value which is 53pt.

valentine heart 1

Next, apply the same Transform Effect over your heart tile. Now enter -53pt for Vertical under Move. Set the copies to 8 in this case. You realise the heart tiles now fit nicely with my background.

valentine heart 2

The good thing of making tiles using Transform Effect is that you can adjust it at realtime to tweak your tile deign. Go to your Appearance Panel and you will be able to adjust it. Simple as that!

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