Illustrator Trick #3: Repeated Patterns

Do you have any idea how this repeated pattern is done in illustrator? If your answer is using Ctrl/Command+D to duplicate circles into rows, throw that idea away! Corey from Layers TV Episode will be showing his trick on created repeated pattern tiles easily using Effect>Distort & Transform>Transform. This is much powerful as you can make further adjustments under Appearance Palette. Here is a summary how it is done:

  • Create a single instance of the shape you want to use
  • Go to the Effects menu and choose Transform
  • Use the Transform options to create your pattern
  • You can see the effects of your option adjustments as you make them because this is a live effect
  • After you’ve made your pattern, apply another Transform effect to the entire thing
  • Go to Expand Appearance to turn the pattern into a regular group of objects
  • Use Free Transform with the Command/Ctrl key to distort the pattern
  • Draw a shape over the pattern, select both objects, and create a clipping mask

Remember to watch the full video tutorial from Layers TV Episode 35.

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